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User blog:Drkdragonz66/Call of Duty ELITE has over 10 million users


Call of Duty ELITE has over 10 million users


According to CVG, Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty ELITE service has reached 10 million registered users! Out of the 10+ million, around 2 million (20% of all users) paying for premium service. Previously in February only 7 million users were registered for the Call of Duty ELITE service, along with around 1.5 million premium members. This is an increase of 3 million users since the end of January and premium subscription increased by 500,000 in the same time.

With premium service costing $49.99 (£34.99 for the Europeans), Activision has clearly made a profit, with almost $100,000,000 in profit (around £70m for the Europeans).


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