Call of duty elite

"Another thing Call of Duty: Elite is helpful for is cheating, when you have the data, you can analyse... like hey, every time I get in a match, that guy is killing the same four people over and over. When we run competitions, we can make it fairer. We can crack open the data and understand what's going [on]. If you see someone you suspect of cheating and you analyse the data, it's like there you go, they all stand in a line and he shoots a bullet through all of them. so it's really valuable for us."
— Heller

Are you a booster? Well, watch out. Call of Duty ELITE's stats tracking can "flag you up". Using the data, their 24/7 live ops team can actively track and detect any funny stuff. This group of multilingual people, spread around the world; some in Europe, others in America, will be running alot of competitions, looking at the leaderboards and doing a lot of cheat detection. If something looks awry, they will jump into the game first-hand to see what's happening. Heat maps will instantly show up, if something suspicious is going on. They will be working closely with Infinity Ward's anti-cheating policies for their upcoming game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


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