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My Zombies Team

Well, my team of zombie slayers (and metroid) are awesome. We're awesome cause we each have a certain role.

Team 1Edit

  • DrkDragonz66 - Artillery (China Lake, Law, Grenades, the Crossbow, the longinus xD
  • Damac1214 - The slayer. (He likes to go ham.)
  • Diegox223 - The Medic (Pack a Punched Ballistic knifes and everything.)
  • DarkMetroid567 - lol12 (The person who will just mess with people's trains and kill everyone.)

Team 2Edit

  • DrkDragonz66 - Train master (Running trains for days)
  • Damac1214 - The Slayer (Again, he loves to go ham)
  • Azuris/giggle - The teamkiller (he will find a way to kill you)

Team 3Edit

  • DrkDragonz66 - The Medic (I'm such a baws)
  • Damac1214 - The slayer (I think he goes ham in his sleep)
  • KATANAGOD - The whiner (Complains about everything, but its funny so we love him)
  • DarkMetroid567 - See above. (Also team kills you with the wunderwaffe in World at War).

Team 4Edit

  • DrkDragonz66 - The Freerunner (cause camping in kino sucks)
  • DrFrohman - The God (He summons powerups. If you get a powerup, its cause of him.)
  • DarkMetroid567 - Meh.
  • Azuris - Per above.

Cause i felt like making this in 3 minutes.

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