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According to several websites, the PSN store is expected to be back on the 24th!

"We thank you for your patience as we work to resume service of the PlayStation Store."
— PSN content manager Jack Osorno to developer partners.

According to several sources, Sony has sent a tentative publishing schedule to partners detailing when their games, expansions and other releases will become available to players. In the memo, obtained by Gamasutra, Sony unveils plans to do two content pushes per week for the next two weeks to catch up with the backlog of content.

The first push, set to coincide with the PlayStation Store's reopening, will distribute content that was originally scheduled to publish on April 26. Three days later on the 27th, another round of games will go live, which were originally scheduled for May 3.

The following week, pushes will take place on May 31 and June 3, using content that originally had been planned to be spread over three weeks. At that point, the company will be back on schedule and, presumably, return to a single content push per week.

Sony says it is willing to move some titles around, depending on urgency. Possibly, this would include DLC packs for existing titles that have already released expansions on other platforms. Sony has said many times that it expected the network to be fully operational before the end of May.

For consumers, the relaunch of the PlayStation Store should get them one step closer to being able to claim the contents of their "Welcome Back" package.

Gamesutra's Article on the PSN Store's Progress

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