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Call of Duty is headed to a next-gen console! According to a job listing (taken down since then), Treyarch has stated that the new "Senior Software Engineer" will join a team in "bringing our hugely successful game to a new console" and that they will "adapt graphics and other major systems in our engine to a new platform."

While not specifically stated to be Call of Duty, its hard to believe that Treyarch will branch off the successful "Call of Duty" title, and it's hard to think of another "hugely successful game" that's been developed by Treyarch.

Several next-gen consoles are speculated to be the one Treyarch is working on, with the top seeming to be the "Xbox 720". Several other consoles could be the Wii U, the PSVita, and the top secret "Playstation 4". Will this be a port of the upcoming game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to the Wii U? Or will this be the sequel to Treyarch's latest game, Call of Duty: Black Ops?


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