"Have your Juggernog handy, soldiers; reports are swarming in regarding a large undead presence heading straight for Call of Duty XP. In preparation, we've put together a full menu of all the Zombies related activity you can get your hands on."
— Call of Duty Intel

If your a fan of the Zombies mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: World at War, and if you are happening to go to Call of Duty XP, then you will be one happy zombie-slayer. At Call of Duty XP, on September 3rd, you will be able to "dig into the story behind the making of Call of Duty: Zombies, from its humble beginnings as a developer side project to the massive fan favorite that it is today".

Moon Screenshot Official


  • Collin Ayers (Sound Designer)
  • Reza Elghazi (Zombies Producer)
  • Kevin Sherwood (Zombies Music Composer)
  • Brian Tuey (Audio Director)
  • Jimmy Zielinski (Zombies Creative Director)
  • Major Nelson (Moderator)

Call of Duty Armory Zombies Display

Props on display from the recent Zombie Labs Rezurrection trailer, including the Wave Gun and prosthetic Crawler Zombie head.

Moon Competition

80 stations set up for Moon competitions. All participants receive a participation patch, and Prestige patches will be available for the truly talented Zombie killers.

Zombie Merchandise and Apparel

  • A set of six Perks-a-Cola stickers.
  • Never before seen Wave Gun T-shirt.
  • Fan-designed Perks-a-Cola T-shirt.
  • Zombie Labs hat.
"There’s sure to be a lot of untrained civvies here, so we’re counting on you to contain the undead menace and keep the horde at bay. We look forward to seeing you next weekend. Come prepared."
— Call of Duty Intel


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