K just thought i might share this... if you saw my old blog post (the zombie predictions) i was sharing my little sisters idea's... so practically, she wrote it. im not a drug addict... well anyways here is my strategy for W@W der riese

Well anyways on round 1, go to the window on the left and just throw a grenade, hopefully 1 or 2 zombies will be killed. then go to the window in the stair case. wait for zombies then knife them all. hopefully other players would have taken care of the rest. the next round zombies will need 2 knifes to die. So just shoot them 3 times with the colt m1911 then stab. on round 3 use up all your bulletsi n the m1911 then get a gewer. this time dont camp by the windows. just wait for the zombies. next round have somone open the doors (yeah, i usually always have money to open 3 doors but i let them do it...) and by now you'll have about 2000- 3000 points, grab a thompson and just use that for the next 2 rounds. by the time your at the dog round you probably only have 100 bullets left, so have somone clear the debree near the next door and jump down by the mystery box. but dont use it. only shoot at the dogs coming for you. then once you got all the dogs killed. you most likely are out of bullets or very close to. luckly on every dog round a max ammo will spawn. wait for everyone to reload then use it. by now your back at 3000 points. BUT dont blow it on the mystery box. go buy juggernog. that puts you at 500 points. kill zombies and get to about 2000 then, DONT! buy double tap (yet) go by the debris near juggernog and clear it. as some of you may know (or may not) there is a room thats (a little) hidden. go open it. (and there goes your money btw) then link the mainframe. dont use the usual route i KNOW for a fact everyone uses. se the right side. then throw grenades on the railing above. that should stop zombies from jumping down and pulling you in. once you get to the mainframe just stay there. hopefully the railing still has a crawler. dont kill it. reload your thompson. Have somone open the door where you find the type 100 and link the mainframe. board up all the windows then kill the crawler. next save up and get 5000 points. then go get speed cola and double tap. this time go camp by the last door. and save up to by a bowie knife and open the door. once you got that done throw grenades to make a crawler. link the mainframe one last time. switch your gewer to the STG, go board up windows, and other stuff. for about 3 rounds camp at the railing. once you have 5000 points go pack a punch your thompson to get my favorite pack a punch weapon, the Gibs - o - matic. now your on your own for the rest :P

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