k just saying. i knew nuketown was going to NOT open up the town BUT to be more of a different theme. like, a 50's diner type deal. well anyways, on nuketown zombies, what if this one will take place about an HOUR after the nuke going off. so it may feature the original weapons. and what if the spawning point for when the level start switches between the yellow house and green every time? and this time SINCE a nuke bew it up instead of opening doors what if its clearing the debree? and what if there going to do a map (most likely DLC) that takes place after richtophens grand scheme? and for new zombie. zombie birds. what if like how dogs are on every 5 rounds every 10 rounds a swarm of zombie birds will appear. (this happens after the apocolypse, either everything is a zombie or everyone is dead. also about nuketown zombies what if since there are buildables an objective is to rebuild the town? and what if. a call of the dead reboot.

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