Here are some of the things I have thought of:

  • 3 Kill- Recon Plane
  • 4 Kill- Care Package (Could you do this in Vietnam?)
  • 4 Kill- Counter recon plane/Static (Again, could you do this?)
  • 5 Kill- Flammable Carpet Bomb (Like at the end of Hard Landing)
  • 5 Kill- Artillery Strike
  • 6 Kill- Bombers
  • 7 Kill-Dogs of War
  • 7 Kill- Air Support (Like a helicopter or something similar to a PBY Catalina, it would swoop down and fire it's guns)
  • 10 Kill- Emergency Air drop (If you can do this, you could recieve streaks 7 and below)
  • 15 Kill-Ground Support (A havily armed tank with a couple turents and main canon and heavy armor comes in)
  • 25 Kill- End of all hope (bring in dogs, air and ground support) (You screwed basicaly if your on the other team)
  • 30 Kill-Nuke

These are just my thoughts, what can you add and give me feed back

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