Found this on the internet:

I scored a mark of 37/50.

This is the ranking table:

1 - 5 Correct: Sheep. You are a pacifist, even when it comes to video games.

6 - 10 Correct: Five Jump Chump. You played a few online matches to see what it was like, but quit the first time someone called you a noob.

11 - 15 Correct: 90-Day Wonder. You only play to run around with the knife and annoy people. Jerk.

16 - 20 Correct: Box-Kicker. You know all the best camping spots, but little else.

21 - 30 Correct: Air Bear. You care about your kill/death ratio above all else.

31 - 40 Correct: Doughboy. Your teammates get annoyed because you use military jargon during matches.

41 - 49 Correct: Barracks Rat. The outside is enemy territory, so you prefer to stay inside and play Call of Duty games.

All 50 Correct: Gung-Ho Mo-Fo. Your family and friends are concerned. You scream when you get killed in a game. You read about guns while playing.

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