The price for the Call of Duty: Black ops DLC for the PC and PS3 has been announced and it will be around £15 ($20). Coupled with the fact that Activision has recently cancelled pretty much all of it's series apart from CoD (this includes Guitar Hero and the like) has sparked anarchy across the gaming community.

    A news report by NGT's GUNNS4HIRE has more information on the matter.GUNNS report

    There have been rumors of people attempting to boycott Activision and the DLC release so they will lower the price and bring back the other franchises.

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    This is what I would really like to be added to the Call of Duty franchise.

    1. A physics engine that allows better death animation and maybe a sort of realistic ragdoll effect for dead bodies.
    2. A system that automatically detects hackers and immediately kicks them. (It might be possible, who knows.)
    3. The ability to custimise your guns with different stocks, sights, magasines, barrels, grips and other attachments to either improve the function of the weapon or just for cosmetic purposes. (something along the line of what was in Army of Two.)
    4. Hit detection that actually recognises each individual shot. (Seriously, anyone noticed this problem yet?)
    5. The ability to choose what outfit your character wears, but that depends on perks and the weapon you are …
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    Recent videos by Gunns4hire of Nextgentactics speaks of conspiracy and a possible end to the Call of Duty series. In the first video, Gunns talks about the recent onslaught of hacking of the previous Call of Duty titles (C.o.D4, WaW,and MW2) on the PS3 and how Activision claim that they are "unable" to fix them.

    In the second video Gunns talks about a rumour spreading around the internet that Activision may shut down the Black Ops servers on the PS3. This is a rumor and may not be fact, do not take this to heart.

    All the information may be found on their channel in the link below:


    I take this as very interesting and important news and I would like to hear your opinions, though keep them civil and no flame wars between you console fanboys.

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