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Things that should not be put in the next call of duty

  • soldiers can not free run like on assassins creed for a reason; heavy armor, destroys the purpose of making the army style games good, makes the shooter game's rating plummet.
  • no offence i know the word beast mode is cool and all but if that was actually a mode it would defeat the purpose of the good game we all know and love.
  • ideas of having to use youre fist instead of using a knife isnt the best solution because soldiers who do that will only get shot quickly.
  • massive player for xbox server is impossible because it can not hold that many people only computers can.
  • and remember the next call of duty should be better than the last not worst than the first.
  • these ideas are not personal ideas just common sense, if someone has questions about this blog just message this.
  • and if anyone hates this blog because its right then smell the coffee because this is army game about real life matters that are currently going on, not a fantasy that is has no real meaning to it.

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