• Eazymhd1402

    Hey Guys, following up to very intresting article stating the top 5 Zombies maps that should be remade, this is the top 5  multiplayer maps that should get their own remake. This list will not count maps that already had a newer version, but feel free to comment what you believe should be in this list.

    When you think about the BO3 movement system this map fits right in with

    that theme. One camping window, Four enemy barriers, great for distant toe to toe 

    battles and what would fit perfectlyt in with that is none other than the good old

    wall running and thrusters that players will be able to use for their survival.

    Now going back to 2010 - 2011, Array was probably one of the best maps

    in Black Ops 1 (excluding the fan favorite Nuketown), Array w…

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