Hey Guys, following up to very intresting article stating the top 5 Zombies maps that should be remade, this is the top 5  multiplayer maps that should get their own remake. This list will not count maps that already had a newer version, but feel free to comment what you believe should be in this list.

5. Cargo (Call of Duty: Black Ops II)

When you think about the BO3 movement system this map fits right in with

that theme. One camping window, Four enemy barriers, great for distant toe to toe 

battles and what would fit perfectlyt in with that is none other than the good old

Cargo loadscreen BOII

wall running and thrusters that players will be able to use for their survival.

4. Array (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

Now going back to 2010 - 2011, Array was probably one of the best maps

in Black Ops 1 (excluding the fan favorite Nuketown), Array was a map that

provided a different approach towards multiplayer, giving players to fight, in a satilite

building, on snowy grounds and even an underground tunnel leading into a one on one

trench area of the map.  
Mp array loading screen BO II

3. Detour (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

Having said enough about certain maps that would great with the movement system

well heres one that would be perfect. Nothing much to say what else this map could offer 

but looking at it would provide players great advantages to sneak up on the enemy, not 

mention its on a bridge to give the player a hazard. So watch your step.   
Detour loadscreen BOII

2. Rush (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

A paintball arena in the middle of nowhere, is what they said it was in BO2,

but if it was in BO3, who knows what cool theme could go along with a map like this

Enough said lets move on to our final honorable mentions, and if they did remake this

better bring back the whole arena.  
Rush loadscreen BOII

Honerable Mentions 

Summit, Standoff, Hotel, Grind, and Vertigo.
Standoff Load Screen BOII
Summit Facility Side BO

Bare Load Screen Hotel BO

Grind In-Game

Vertigo loadscreen BOII

'1. Kowloon' (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

What made Kowloon such a great map, is just how much feels like a modern map. Truly I was blown away when this map came out, and the theme was true and brings that throwback vibe to a high level. At the time I loved the map Grind in Black Ops 2 which made me also want to put it at number one and completley forget about this map, i went back to Black Ops 1 after the apocalypse dlc came out and i completley forgot how much fun i had playing this and I was not just the only one that thought this map was one of the best multiplayer maps, so was all my friends and everyone I knew adored this map weather they were in a lobby or in a party. If this came to BO3, then Activision can take all my money if they want (I was just being sarcastic there is no way in hell that would ever be the case).  

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