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  • Ebithio

    Pimp my Gun

    July 5, 2010 by Ebithio

    First time using it, where is the gun? Do I have to build it myself?

    It's sorta COD related, so shuddap.

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  • Ebithio


    June 27, 2010 by Ebithio

    So I got to Level 70 (3rd Prestige) today, and I joined a FFA to get some attachments on my AK. As soon as I join, I notice boosters, I start searching for them, but suddenly, one of the booster says to the other guy "plug in your headset" and they start discussing where they are going to boost, telling everyone. So I find them, kill them, and they just say retard and leave. So, being the stalker that I am, I follow them and once again they're telling everyone where they're boosting. I had about 20+ hate mails from them in about 30 minutes. Yay.

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  • Ebithio

    I know these aren't getting a lot of positive feedback from any of you, but I propose making guides less of a community thing and actually incorporate the guides into the articles, either by link, or by actually putting them in the articles. I'm not sure this would work properly (I've only been on this wiki a few weeks and have less than 50 edits) but it would definatly improve the situation and would help players who read the articles and need to know more. Remember, there are some inexperienced players here too...

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  • Ebithio

    As you may or may not know, I've been using the SCAR-H since the game came out, and I love its reliability in almost any situation. So here comes my guide. The Guide series was started by A Lonely Nomad and I used Bravo Five-Nine's guide to the F2000 as a general template.

    The SCAR-H is one of the first unlocked Assault Rifles in the game, being unlocked at Level 8 (Specialist I). It has high power and low recoil, but a fairly low ROF (Rate of Fire) and small magazines, with only 40 bullets available without Scavenger Pro. It will kill in three hits at any range with Stopping Power, four without, meaning it will dominate other Assault Rifles at any range (perhaps the ACR will beat it, but that depends on the skill level of the two players).…

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