As you may or may not know, I've been using the SCAR-H since the game came out, and I love its reliability in almost any situation. So here comes my guide. The Guide series was started by A Lonely Nomad and I used Bravo Five-Nine's guide to the F2000 as a general template.


The SCAR-H is one of the first unlocked Assault Rifles in the game, being unlocked at Level 8 (Specialist I). It has high power and low recoil, but a fairly low ROF (Rate of Fire) and small magazines, with only 40 bullets available without Scavenger Pro. It will kill in three hits at any range with Stopping Power, four without, meaning it will dominate other Assault Rifles at any range (perhaps the ACR will beat it, but that depends on the skill level of the two players). It has precise iron sights, negating the need for optics, further adding to the gun's ranged dominance. In close ranges, the SCAR still holds some of it's power, but it's lower ROF may cause it to lose against other Assault Rifles or SMGs.

SCAR-H menu icon MW2

In Hardcore game modes, the SCAR will be a one shot kill at any range, meaning a thermal or ACOG scope can be added to turn the SCAR into a fully automatic Sniper Rifle, without the worry of your target getting away.

Attachment Analysis

  • Grenade Launcher : I can't really say much about this, since it's the same on every gun. It can be a good attachment, but I'm not here to give tips on Grenading... 6/10
  • Masterkey Shotgun : I can't say anything about this either. It can be fairly useful on the SCAR in close quarters, but the Grenade Launcher is better in almost every way (IMO). 5/10
  • Red Dot Sight : The usage of the RDS depends on the player. I personally find it useless due to the pinpoint accuracy of the Iron Sights, but if you don't like them go ahead and choose the RDS. 6/10
  • Holographic Sight : Same as the RDS, but I personally prefer the RDS over this one anyway. You may think differently. 6/10
  • Silencer : Quite useful. This decreases the range on the SCAR to be 3 (Stopping Power) or 4 (Non) to kill, it's still effective and you may prefer not showing up on the map to being a powerhouse anyway. 7/10
  • Heartbeat Sensor : If you go that way, Heartbeats can be useful on the SCAR. It doesn't effect the gun directly so I'm just going to leave the choice up to you. With the SCAR's slightly worse CQB (compared to other ARs), I wouldn't reccommend it as that useful an attachment. 5/10
  • ACOG Scope : Very useful if you're a long range kinda guy. It may require some burst-firing but the SCAR manages the recoil effectively and the ACOG scope is one of my favourite attachments. Just pack a CQB secondary since the hip-fire accuracy of the SCAR isn't exactly perfect. 9/10
  • Thermal Sight : Like the ACOG Scope but more dedicated to range. You can't hit anything in close quarters, but at range (W/ Stopping Power) it pretty much turns into a mini-sniper rifle (almost as effective and powerful as the M21 EBR). 9/10
  • FMJ : Seriously? Uhm, if you wanna hit stuff through walls... 1/10
  • Extended Mags : My favourite attachment. It gives the SCAR a much needed magazine boost and I reccomend putting this on any non-sniping SCAR class. All the other non-sniping attachments aren't that good, so it's kind of a necessity. (Did I spell that right?) 10/10

Perks and you (and the SCAR-H of course).

Perk One Slot

  • Marathon : If you like sprinting, go ahead, but due to the usefulness of other Perks in this slot, it's just a meh perk. 4/10
  • Sleight of Hand : Probably the most useful of the two you unlock at the begninning, it can be quite useful to the the SCAR's fairly slow reload and small magazine. Once you unlock other perks I'd suggest moving to them, however. 6/10
  • Scavenger : Very useful. The SCAR has a tiny ammo supply and reloading it always helps. Plus, the Pro version will start you off with 120 rounds, rather than the measly 40 you had before. 8/10
  • Bling : Depends on preference. Scopes + Extended Mags works well, but you still have a tiny supply of ammo. If you want to use this, pick up other's weapons to keep you with a usable gun. 7/10
  • One Man Army : Yes! Yes! (Lol bad cartoons) this is like Scavenger but it replenishes EVERYTHING in less than 10 seconds. 10/10

Perk Two Slot

  • Lightweight : What? Useless! 0/10
  • Stopping Power : If you're the guy who loves power, this is for you. It reduces bullets to kill by one for any range, and with the SCAR's small magazines, that one bullet can mean a lot. Plus, if you're shooting someone at range and you have to pop four bullets in their noggin, you're much less likely to get the kill. They'll probably just snipe you back. 9/10
  • Hardline : You've got so many other good perks to use, why choose this? It's only one less kill. 1/10
  • Cold Blooded : Can be useful in a Stealth Class, but it reduces your ranged combat ability somewhat without that extra damage from Stopping Power. 7/10
  • Danger Close : With the Grenade Launcher it's good, but only using it for your grenade can be a little useless. Plus, you've got other good perks that could fill this role. 7/10

Perk Three Slot

  • Commando : This can be a good perk due to it's increase of your CQB, freeing you from having to use shotguns. And the Pro version is sexy. No fall damage? Yes please. 8/10
  • Steady Aim : It just increases your CQB potential, which Commando does better. And the Pro version isn't sexy. 4/10
  • Scrambler : NO 0/10
  • Ninja : The Pro version is the only useful aspect, and if you're that stealthy kinda guy, enjoy this perk, I personally won't, but I'm not going to give this a lower rating because I prefer other perks. It is useful, after all. 7/10
  • Sitrep : Meh. I'm split on this one. It's useful, I suppose, but with other perks to choose, the choice is really up to you. I've only used Sitrep once or twice. 6/10
  • Last Stand : If you're using a pistol, go ahead. If not, it's useless. 7/10

Setups 'n' stuff

One of the things I hate about the community is how they handle the SCAR. I'll teach you to be so pro. No joke.

Ripper (AKA Gunner, Power, Mid to Short Range.)

SCAR-H Extended Mags

Pistol, Shotgun, or OMA (I reccomend .44 Magnum and SPAS-12, respectively)

Semtex (Offensive) or Claymores (Defensive)

Flash/Stun Grenades

One Man Army or Scavenger

Stopping Power

Last Stand (Pistol), Ninja or Commando

With this class, you're really the most adaptable player on the team. You can do CQB (Shotgun, Pistol or Commando) Mid range (Pistol or your SCAR) and even semi-sniping (SCAR). You're not very stealthy, so be wary of others.

Bomber (AKA Support, Pro Piper, Noob Tuber, Explosives Expert)

SCAR-H Grenade Launcher

Thumper or Shotgun

Semtex (Offensive), Claymores (Defensive) or C4 (Objectives)

Flash/Stun Grenades

One Man Army or Scavenger

Danger Close

Sitrep (With Shotgun) or Commando (Without)

With this class, you're an expert with explosives (Bomb EVERYTHING) and disarming them (w/ sitrep). You're really not as adaptable as the Ripper is, but you can still do your duty and support the team. Not very useful in FFA.

Ghillie in the Mist (AKA Sniper, Wannabe Sniper)

SCAR-H Thermal or ACOG scope

Pistol or Shotgun

Claymores or Tactical Insertion

Smoke Grenades (If Thermal, since you can see through), Flash/Stun (ACOG)

One Man Army or Scavenger

Stopping Power, if you're really stealthy you can go Cold Blooded


A sort of wannabe-stealther, you're going to sneak up on people with good sniping spots, kill them, and kill everyone else. You're pretty adaptable but you will be outclassed by most real snipers, stick to killing faraway people, only using your secondary if people get in your spot.

Ninja! (AKA Stealthy Stealth Man with added Stealth)

SCAR-H Supressed (If w/ bling, add a Heartbeat Sensor)

Supressed Machine Pistol (If w/ bling, add a RDS or Akimbo) or Pistol w/ Tactical Knife (If Bling, Supress (if possible) or FMJ)

Throwing Knife

Smoke Grenades

Scavenger (I say this since you don't want to be caught changing kit, and your kills are usually close to the enemy anyway), or Bling

Cold Blooded


Sneaky sneaky ninja! You'll never show up on the map, so avoid confrontation and pick off stragglers. Your knife is one of your most useful items, as you cannot have your bullets traced and it's dead silent. Supressed machine pistol, in case you're running out of ammo, or Tac Knife pistol for faster knifing. If blinging, remember to pick up enemies weapons, but only if they're supressed. You can pick up any weapon if you're desperate, but I reccomend staying silent.

Miscelleneous is hard to spell

  • The SCAR-H shows camos well, making them bright and colourful.
  • The SCAR-H Titles are unlocked by getting 500 kills and 250 headshots for level one (gray), and 1000 and 500 for level two (skulls). You can also get a golden title for unlocking all the SCAR's attachments, and a golden emblem for 500 headshots.
    SCAR Emblem

    Golden Emblem (500 Headshots)

  • If you have any questions, suggestions, or fixes to this guide, feel free to add a comment and I will get back to you ASAP and add FAQs here if this gets popular enough.


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