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  • Ebon Shadowshot

    Link here:

    Shadows of Evil

    Looks to include standard parts of Zombies like power-ups and perk-a-cola machines, but also has a new aesthetic of a city nightlife as opposed to the decayed ruins we're used to. New characters and Zombie types (which don't much resemble the Zombies but what can you do?) as well as a new perk machine doing various abilities.

    Damn, despite how familiar it looks Zombies still seems like a breath of fresh air compared to the teasers for the Campaign and Multiplayer so far.

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  • Ebon Shadowshot

    It's been annoying me. It's happened forever, but I can't understand people who watch entire campaigns of games they may buy or have pre-ordered or are definitely buying on release. I fail to see to point of finding out all of the story and the plot twists without even getting to know the characters.

    Unless the game came out years ago so everyone already knows the ending and you have a grasp of it (example being previous instalments to series like Dead Rising or MW2 among others), I don't see the point in watching it on YouTube (or where the other 25% of online videos comes from).

    I'll use an example. Recently I played Halo 4. I'll be honest it wasn't the best Halo campaign yet but I wasn't expecting much from 343 Industries, and it felt more …

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  • Ebon Shadowshot

    Yep, they have been with us since the beginning of Modern Call of Duty games. UAV Jammer, Camouflage, Cold-Blooded, Ghost and Assassin have all been there, their effects barely changing from game to game.

    Nobody complained about the UAV perks in 4 or WaW, I'm not sure about MW2, but ever since Ghost and Black Ops it has suddenly became the most b*tched about perk type in the series.

    I admit that Ghost is very powerful, as are most of the other perks in Black Ops. It grants immunity to UAV, grants you the ability to be undetected by Chopper Gunner/Gunship/Helicopter and no red name appears above your head. However, people don't seem to realise that of those four killstreaks that Ghost Pro grants invisibility from, only one of those killstreaks is unab…

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  • Ebon Shadowshot

    My understanding is that Treyarch have been leaking a lot of information (well it's not leaking because they released trailers on everything except Zombies) on their newest game Black Ops II. Now personally I think I will enjoy based on previous Treyarch releases, seeing as I like all of their games except Wii versions because I don't use my Wii at all (BRO, 3, WaW and Black Ops). However what ruined Black Ops for me was the unbelievable amount of hype for it, because everyone was so excited for it and they ultimately weren't satisfied and thus the hatred for Black Ops (and later on, Call of Duty in general) became popular and playing it and Call of Duty became less fun for me when so many people crap on it, when in all honesty, the majority of the …

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  • Ebon Shadowshot

    As the title suggests, this blog is about the multiplayer of Call of Duty losing what remained of it's difficulty. Now before you go saying things like "It's been going downhill since CoD 4/WaW/MW2/Black Ops/MW3!" or "It was never fun/hard", I would like to point out why I actually believe Multiplayer has just lost everything that once made it so great.

    Back in Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: World at War, the modern multiplayer system we all know and love was introduced. The whole system of getting weapons as you rank up was superb. The perk system, too, was fantastic. And it is very hard to rank up on Call of Duty 4 and World at War, making it very satisfying to unlock that gun/perk you wanted so badly.

    We move onto Modern Warfare 2, which is t…

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