My understanding is that Treyarch have been leaking a lot of information (well it's not leaking because they released trailers on everything except Zombies) on their newest game Black Ops II. Now personally I think I will enjoy based on previous Treyarch releases, seeing as I like all of their games except Wii versions because I don't use my Wii at all (BRO, 3, WaW and Black Ops). However what ruined Black Ops for me was the unbelievable amount of hype for it, because everyone was so excited for it and they ultimately weren't satisfied and thus the hatred for Black Ops (and later on, Call of Duty in general) became popular and playing it and Call of Duty became less fun for me when so many people crap on it, when in all honesty, the majority of the main games are quite good and well made.

Ever since Black Ops and MW3, I haven't pay'd much attention to Call of Duty previews and trailers n' such (although you'll find me on any blog about them), and I don't pay attention to YouTube videos about Call of Duty, so I've got two questions for the populace of this wiki and the anons who might stumble on this blog:

This is also the TL:DR part of the blog

1) What is the hype like for Black Ops II, is it higher than Black Ops and MW3?

2) Are you excited for Black Ops II and/or hyped up for it?

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