P.S.: Raven Software makes Call of Duty Online more similar to Black Ops II and Advanced Warfare.

New Killstreak 

  • Care Package (5 killsteak; unlocked at Level 16)

Cyborg Evacuation & Death March

New Map

  • Seatown

More Cyborg Appearance

New Random Event System

New Weapons

  • G37H (become purchasable; unlocked at Level 10, Prestige 1)
  • Arctic .50 BMG (become purchasable; unlocked at Level 50, Prestige 1)
  • M79 Python (Customized Variant of M79)

New Camouflage

  • China Spring

New Optic

  • Blue Triangle


  • AK47 (more gunsights and grips available)
  • Vector (remove integrated grip)


  1. Increase respawn invincble time in Rush Team Deathmath.
  2. Decrease the sway effect of Stun Grenade.
  3. Remove the shotgun damage decrease effect of Flak Jacket.
  4. Decrease the ammo of M79 from 2 to 1.
  5. Players will not lose Killstreak if change loadout and respawn.
  6. The player's Killstreak now can be obtained multiple times in one life, but only if the player uses his/her killstreak prior to receiving the same killstreak again.

Weapon Performance

Submachine Gun

  1. Adjust damage and penetration.
  2. Increase the rate of fire.
  3. Adjust hip-fire accuracy.
  4. Increase mobility.
  5. Adjust magazine size.

Assault Rifle

  1. Adjust recoil.
  2. Increase mobility.
  3. Increase ADS speed.
  4. Adjust magazine size.

Light Machine Gun

  1. Adjust damage.
  2. Increase mobility.
  3. Increase accuracy.
  4. Increase its combat ability in PvP modes.

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