Prestige Mode

Prestige Mode Appears in Call of Duty Online!

At present, only Prestige 1 is available in game. Different to COD series, entering Prestige Mode will not make players lost unlocks and challenges, instead they will enter a different rank unlock career, which contains more equippment awaiting unlocked.

New Campaign Level

  • Distant Bridge (remake of Spec Ops map Suspension)

New Map

  • Oasis (Rush Team Deathmatch Map)

New Weapon

  • AKS-74U (unlocked at Level 51)
  • Katana (Secondary Weapon)
  • M4LMG (become purchasable; unlocked at Level 65)

New Customized Weapon

  • M4LMG Skull
  • Tavor-21 Jungle

New Killstreak

  • Juggernaut (11 killstreak; unlocked at Level 44)

New Character

  • Duke (a young male with 21 years old; unlocked at Level 70, Prestige 1)

New Camouflage

  • Persia Carpet

New Optic Reticle

  • Persia Carpet
  • Heart (unlocked at Level 20, Prestige 1)

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