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  • Ego sum Tacita esse dux captus

    Has anyone had a problem with the new DLC gun Ohm, or well its variant the Werewolf? Whenever i go to use it, no matter what what attachments i put on it (i.e. laser sight, Stock, Quickdraw Grip... etc), it always reverts to the AE4 base model along with whatever attachments i had on the Ohm. Is anyone else having the same problem?

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  • Ego sum Tacita esse dux captus

    So they said (they being Sledgehammer) that they was changing things for multiplayer on the Xbox One Playstation 4 and PC, one of them being the System Hack. I was watching a youtuber play and they had a System Hack called on them and it was just as Sledgehammer promised, they removed skull HUD element from System Hack Scorestreak UI effect and they adjusted the score value the System Hack Scorestreak. Well I was really jealous because why do the next gen consoles get all the good patches, like these:

    Game Update: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

    In-Game Updates:

      • Fixed unlocking issues with the AE4 for Digital Edition owners that own Season Pass. (Xbox only)
      • Matchmaking improvements.
      • Connectivity improvements.
      • Removed skull HUD element from System Ha…
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  • Ego sum Tacita esse dux captus

    This may have been already posted but I couldnt find it in the news here. I've had a few problems playing the game, Advanced Warfare, and it all had to do with the new patch and camo. I hope this helps but all i have is a link to where people have posted about how they cant get camo after they did the challenges that they needed for them. 

    Feel free to delete it if it isnt important, but it is really important in my opinion.

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