So they said (they being Sledgehammer) that they was changing things for multiplayer on the Xbox One Playstation 4 and PC, one of them being the System Hack. I was watching a youtuber play and they had a System Hack called on them and it was just as Sledgehammer promised, they removed skull HUD element from System Hack Scorestreak UI effect and they adjusted the score value the System Hack Scorestreak. Well I was really jealous because why do the next gen consoles get all the good patches, like these:

Game Update: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

In-Game Updates:

    • Fixed unlocking issues with the AE4 for Digital Edition owners that own Season Pass. (Xbox only)
    • Matchmaking improvements.
    • Connectivity improvements.
    • Removed skull HUD element from System Hack Scorestreak UI effect.
    • Adjusted the score value the System Hack Scorestreak.
    • Increased the timing between kills to count Multikills.
    • Addressed rare issue where CTF flag was not being returned immediately.
    • Fixed rare crash issue when switching profiles.
    • Adjusted the time limit expiration for Red Baron gear after challenge has been completed.
    • Fixed various out of map exploits.

Security and Anti-Cheat Updates:

    • Updated Security features.

UI Updates:

    • Updated base AE4 icon as it was displaying the AE4 Widowmaker weapon.
    • Updated Playlist Menu.
    • Fixed issues with localization copy in the in-game store.
    • Updated sorting of Character Gear within Customization menu.

Challenge Updates:

    • Added new Supply Drop Daily Challenges.

Clan Updates:

    • Fixed an issue where Clan Wars Bonus XP was not being awarded.

Broadcaster UI Updates:

    • Addressed rare issue with eSports Broadcaster HUD disappearing.

Ranked Play Updates:

    • Addressed issue where Join Session in progress in Ranked Play was still active.
    • Addressed issue where players where dropping multiple divisions after a match in Ranked Play.
    • Addressed rare issue with wins counting as losses in Ranked Play

Why dont the last gen get a few of these? I'm sure we got a few, but the System Hack one shoulda been across all platforms..

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