Egon Eagle

aka Victor

  • I live in Sweden
  • I am Male
  • Egon Eagle

    For a while ago I told about to close down Swedish Call of Duty Wiki due to the lack of user support. I tried to contact people on Wikia but I got this message:

    Hi Egon Eagle,

    I can only repeat what you've already been told twice: We don't close wikis, but leave them open for someone else who is still interested in Call of Duty to take over.

    If you no longer want to edit there, you're welcome to remove all of your user rights, and just leave it behind.

    All the best,

    Eva Niroomand Community Support Manager

    I have not decided to keep edit wiki, it's a hard work to edit alone, such as weapons, levels, characters and Trophys.

    People don't care CoD anymore here in Sweden, they want to talk about Overwatch, Counter-Strike and Battlefield.

    Egon Eagle (tal…

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  • Egon Eagle

    I decided to close down the Swedish Call of Duty Wiki due to the lack of users in Sweden. Many don't like CoD here anymore. I have been also busy to edit other wikis. Egon Eagle (talk) 13:18, June 17, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Egon Eagle

    For a few weeks ago, it's been 2 years agi I created the Swedish wiki of Call of Duy. Unfortunately, It's been few edit last months, I was busy to do other edits so I wonder if someone know Swedish CoD players want to support this wiki. There are 271 articles right now after I created this blog. I have plans but it would take times to edit, an another option than translate from the English wiki is to make it shorter and simple.

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  • Egon Eagle

    This month it's been 1 year since I created the Swedish version of Call of Duty Wiki.

    It's not a easy to work alone, it is also tricky to expand articles with alot of information, a few articles are created by some other users, there are around 200 articles, many needs to translate, expand text and images.

    I wish Swedish Call of Duty fans could get attention for this wiki and help to expand it.

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  • Egon Eagle

    Important message to Call of Duty players for Wii, Nintendo would shut down the online Wi-Fi services on May 20, 2014.

    • "Nintendo" To Shut Down Online WiFi Services on May 20th! Wii & DS - Wii U Gameplay (CoD Ghosts) by Iconboy on YouTube
    • Service Update: Online Gameplay on Nintendo's website
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