Hey guys, it's EightOhEight here.

I'm a gamer, so I like to keep my eyes on any upcoming games that look promising. This blog is dedicated to publicizing the great games that are coming out in 2011.



Brink is a FPS being developed by Splash Damage and produced by Bethesda.

It features slightly cartoony graphics, an advanced movement system (entitled SMART), advanced customization, and a giant landscape to blow it all up in.

Portal 2


Portal 2 is a first-person puzzler being developed and produced by Valve.

I strongly recommend playing the first Portal before the second, because it was that great. I'm not going to say too much here as it might spoil it for non-Portal players.

LA Noire


LA Noire is a third-person free roam shooter being developed and produced by Rockstar.

Rockstar, once again, never fails to please with their open world third person shooters. Their latest game, Red Dead Redemption, was an amazing game, and LA Noire looks like it's going to turn out the same way.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier


Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a first and third person shooter being developed and produced by Ubisoft.

It's separate from the Ghost Recon and GRAW storylines, opening up in a futuristic setting where you have to kill Ultranationalists. Fun.



Vanquish is a sci-fi shooter being developed and produced by Platinum Games.

It features an advanced movement system, complete with sliding and gravity jumping



Rage is a post-apocalyptic first person shooter being developed and produced by idSoftware.

It looks to be a combination of Borderlands and Fallout. Might be good.

Spec Ops: The Line


Spec Ops: The Line is a modern third person shooter being developed by Yager and produced by 2K Games.

It features Army Colonel John Konrad in Dubai, which has been stuck by cataclysmic sandstorms.

Call of Duty: Sledgehammer Games

Nothing needs to be said.

Thanks for reading and I hope I convinced you to buy something.

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