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PMG Contest


The winner of this contest is Punch2YourFace.

I'm going to make a gun template for you wikians, since I know you all love Pimp My Gun (I find it a bit redundant).

USING THE CODE you must create a weapon and THE IMAGE in here.

The point system works like this:

  • 1 point for color
  • 2 points for realism
  • 2 points for part placement accuracy
  • 5 points for overall aesthetics
  • 5 points for overall design


Here's the code:


<part id="RIS026" x="1101" y="733" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666,444444"/>

<part id="UReceiver015" x="1000" y="750" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666,666666"/>

<group x="1160" y="768" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1">

 <part id="Handguard018Down" x="-5.8" y="13.6" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>

 <part id="Handguard018Up" x="-22.4" y="-4.35" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>


<part id="Barrel001" x="1214" y="763" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>

<part id="LReceiver010" x="991" y="775" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,777777,666666"/>

<part id="Bolt001" x="1023" y="753" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>

<part id="RMag019" x="1042" y="829" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>


Best gun wins!

Winner gets a userbox, userbar, and gets to name the company and name of the gun.

' Text to be decided

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