I was looking at all the preorder/prequel playthrough bonuses recently, and I'm surprised at the quantity and quality of them. I mean, before, if you pre-ordered something, you'd only do it to beat the lines and maybe get a sticker or two.

Now, if you preorder ME2, you get an armor, and a heavy gun. If you bought DA: Origins, you get yet another Armor. If you completed ME1, you get further enhancements and bonuses for ME2.

If you preorder Ao2: 40th, you get a exclusive multiplayer mode that isn't released to the public for 3 months! If you even have a save file of the first Ao2, no matter how little you accomplished, you get two guns.

If you preorder BF:BC2, you get a AKS-74u or a UMP (unconfirmed?) and multiple online perks.

Does any like/dislike this?

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