For those of you who don't know me; I'm EightOhEight. I'm a very creative artist.

Recently, my friend purchased Unreal Editor 3. We are currently trying to make a FPS, but before that we'll rack up a little experience making a side-scroller. The name we will go by in the game is "Omnivation", which is a little pun subject to change at anytime pre release.


The series will be known as Sierra Company. It is about a PMC corporation, WarCorp, and one of its eighteen companies, Sierra Company. Sierra Company is basically the TF141 of WarCorp, they get all the cool stuff.


Now, don't let the word (or words) side-scroller discourage you - for those of you who've played Shadow Complex; well, it has similar graphics.

The storyline for the side scrolled (which is a prelude to the actual FPS series) has barely any effect towards the main storyline when we release the real FPS.

I may leak story and weapon info if you find me on IRC late at night.

I can tell you right now that commonly featured guns (ie, SCAR, M4, M16, UMP, MP5, XM8) will not appear, because of copyright infringement. You're more likely to see things like the HK416/417, REC7, L96AW, Barett 98B, etc.

But anyway, I need your guy's help. We've already decided on the main protagonist's army's name and what division he's in, but we need codenames, plot suggestions (right now, it's really bare), enemy names, enemy army names, pretty much anything. Renders may be accepted if they are good quality.

Now, this project may never actually be produced, but what we're looking at right now is this summer or next winter, downloadable from Torrents on PC.

Don't get excited or anything, it may prove to be too challenging of a task to pull of, in which case I'll just save my renders for another time.

If you do provide a good suggestion, I'll make sure to include a reference to you in game. Depending on the size and quality of the suggestion, the size of the reference may change.

Thanks, EightOhEight

Edit: More Information about Release and the series in general

Well, it may die halfway through production, because my friend is sort of ADD-ish and it's only a small group of people working on the project, but if there's any playable parts I'll make sure to release them exclusively to the wikia.

If it does go well, we'll probably make the first game in the real series, and if that goes well, we'll hold off for a few years. If my friend can get a production contract from any small time producer, we may be able to make ports for consoles and we also will be able to create the rest of the series.

If the game dies before we even release the first one, or if the ratings are terrible, I'll just save my renders and landscapes for another time, probably improving them over the years, until I find another friend with gaming ambitions.

However, I must state that designing games is not what I want to do in life, so I can't guarantee anything on par with the Call of Duty series, however, I do have a great interest in graphic artwork, so you can bet that the landscapes and weapons will be nice.

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