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Black Ops II Questions

Hello Gamers,

I just recently got Black Ops II for the Xbox 360 and since I'm new to the game and most of you are probably not, I'm hoping you can answer some of my questions about Campaign, Zombie, and Multiplayer.

  1. When you reach LVL #55, do you have to prestige? If so, do you have to restart on your loadouts?
  2. Can I still play in Combat Training after LVL #10?
  3. Does the Extra-Slots Pack give you more slots for your loadouts? (Yeah, I need more and I started yesterday.)
  4. Can I buy Mob of The Dead without the multiplayer maps for a cheaper price or do I have to get the maps?
  5. How to you acually get the basketballs in the hoop on Raid? (Hey, COD doesn't always have to involve warfare.)

Thanks to anyone that can answer any of these questions!

-EliteRacing343 (Race4TheChase on XBLIVE)

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