With only a few hours to go until the inaugural tournament, here is a quick summary on what to do during the event:

  1. Prepare to be playing for at least 1.5-3 hours. That means have food/water handy, and GO TO THE BATHROOM.
  2. The tournament will commence promptly at 1800 UTC (full conversions), so turn up at least 10 minutes early to allow everyone to arrive.
  3. Play 5 games on: Seatown, Bakaara, Hardhat, Lockdown and Underground.
  4. After the games are finished, the results will be posted here, in chat and IRC, and via the wiki's Twitter (@Call0fDutyWiki).
  5. Semi-finals will then be played, anf then the final will be organised.

For leaders

  • Notify me of any absentees (Sam if on 360)
  • Give me results of each round (Sam if 360)
  • Create a custom game with all weapon restrictions in place.

Asian group

  • I'm not racist.
  • The event begins at 1100 UTC (times in your region)
  • Regular group
  • I'm scorekeeper, so pass on result to me.
  • Have fun without a 5 second ping at 4AM.
  • I'm not racist.

See you on the battlefield! elmo's Elmo 150px ramblings 08:55, June 30, 2012 (UTC)

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