• EnemyOfMyEnemy

    Tell it here.All the Details.

    I tell mine.

    I got a predator missile on ground war domination.

    I used it and i see that everyone was capturing A.

    So i launched it straight to A and i got the entire team killed.

    At the same i got Grim Reaper challenge.


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  • EnemyOfMyEnemy

    Tell me ur favourite class like this

    Weapon:ACR Bling (Whats in that bling?Like:Heartbeart FMJ)

    Secondary:Spas-12 Bling(Holographic Sight FMJ)


    Secondary equiment:Flashbang

    Perk1:Bling Pro

    Perk2:Stopping Power Pro

    Perk3:Ninja Pro

    Death Streak:Painkiller

    (This is my favourite class P.M U can have more favourite classes.Just tell.Thanks!)


                             Marshall A.K.A EnemyOfMyEnemy

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