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  • I live in California
  • I was born on June 17
  • I am Male
  • EpiKc

    EpiKc here with another useless blog that nobody will ever read... I will describe and tell my wishlist for the perfect Call of Duty game. Please don't flame me, this is not a game, just an idea.

    The graphics should be like MW3 graphics, but just a little higher. The graphics shouldn't look cartoony and contrasty. The style should should be like actual war. When there is rain, the HUD should have a couple of rain drops on the edges and some in the center drippling down. When there is a sandstorm or any kind of duststorm, the HUD should be a little blurry and it should look like you're eyes are squinted. When you're under water the HUD should be all twisty and a little blurry. You should be able to see your you're whole body in 1st person, a…

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  • EpiKc

    Made up Wonder Weapons!

    May 17, 2011 by EpiKc

    It is a new wonder weapon I made up(re-colorized Ray Gun). It's stronger than the Ray Gun. It does 2000 damage non Pack-a-punched and 3000 damage when Pack-a-punched. Ammo is 30/190 and it's PAP ammo is 60/380. It shoots out Blue Blasts. When Pack-a-punched it shoots out White Blasts. More of a chance to get it than the thundergun, less of a chance to get it than the raygun. When Pack-a-punched it is renamed the 115 Ion Reactor. The sound of this wepon firing is a shortened, more high pitched version of the Wunderwaffe firing sound. The splash damage for this weapon is 1000-800. The splash is shorter than the Ray Gun's. The reload sounds like the Thunder Gun.

    To reload, open the barrel, twist out the ammo, then twist in the new ammo, and th…

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  • EpiKc

    Zombie Power Up Idea!

    May 13, 2011 by EpiKc

    When you get this, it instantly reloads and restores your ammo. When a player is downed, when the player is revived he/she will have his/her ammo replenished. Appears less than Max Ammo. It's "glow" is blue.

    Bullets bounce off everything 3-5 times creating extra damage to any zombie it hits. Has a 5% chance of downing you. The icon is bullets(like the death machine) with a green glow.

    Sets off a nuke and repairs all barriers, you/your whole team get 600 points after it sets off. Appears in "tight" situations. Blue "glow". The icon is an exclimation point.

    Revives all players and regenerates all of the player's health. You gain 100 points from this power up. The icon of this power up is a plus, with a green glow.

    Similar to the teddy bear from …

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  • EpiKc

    Pun on Pepsi Cola. It makes the player jump 10% higher, ADS faster, switch weapons faster, knife 10% faster and stronger adds 100 damage to knifing, evade SOME zombies attacks, and makes weapons 10% stronger. It costs 3500. It tastes like sweet Vodka. The side effect is that it will add a slight idle sway to your weapons that you get. It's usually really far away from the spawn.

    A syrum that infects you with radiation. Turns your character and screen a little green if you have it equipped. When you touch a zombie or shoot it, it suffers radiation sickness. It damages the zombie's health by 100 for every 5 second for 30 seconds. It also makes the PhD flopper splash damage infused with radiation. Knife damage is also increased by 50. It infus…

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  • EpiKc

    Idea for new zombie map!

    April 6, 2011 by EpiKc

    Yeah, I just came up with this, I don't care if it's a bad idea yada yada yada... It takes place in the afternoon at Rebirth Labs. You get to pick your own character. You start off with an M1911 and 4 frags. There are new weapons, some are off the wall, some are in the box. There are elevators, teleporters, traps, and modified landers. You have to turn on the power to use them. You have to find the teleporter switch to turn on and to link all the teleporters instantly. To get to the pack-a-punch, you must use 1 teleporter, one elevator, and one ladner. The zombies are as strong as the ones in Verrukt and as smart as the ones in Ascension! The rooms in this map are huge. Space monekys and hellhounds appear at the same times as zombies but t…

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