Yeah, I just came up with this, I don't care if it's a bad idea yada yada yada... It takes place in the afternoon at Rebirth Labs. You get to pick your own character. You start off with an M1911 and 4 frags. There are new weapons, some are off the wall, some are in the box. There are elevators, teleporters, traps, and modified landers. You have to turn on the power to use them. You have to find the teleporter switch to turn on and to link all the teleporters instantly. To get to the pack-a-punch, you must use 1 teleporter, one elevator, and one ladner. The zombies are as strong as the ones in Verrukt and as smart as the ones in Ascension! The rooms in this map are huge. Space monekys and hellhounds appear at the same times as zombies but there are less of them, the monkeys don't destroy perks and the hellhounds are weaker. There is also a new feature called the "Pro Pill" which makes all of your perks pro for 5000. There are also Napalm and Shrieker zombies.



Starting Room

The starting room resembles asension, except you have to find trap pieces to activate the trap in the spawn. You can buy the FN FAL for 500 points, Stakeout for 500 points, and Semtex off the wall for 200 points. There are 2 doors that lead to different places. There are 4 barriers in the spawn, a teleporter, elevator, and a box spot. The elevator leads you to a roof top. Quick Revive is located here. To activate the trap you have to find 3 pieces. The traps activates every 10 minutes.

Roof Top 250(Elevator)

It contains a box spot. You can buy an AK-74u off the wall for 900 points and C4 for 1000 points. Zombies climb ladders to get you but they are more weaker and vunerable. There are 2 ladders. Deadshot Daiquiri is located here.

Door A 750

This door leads you to the outside, there is an abandoned parking lot outside. You can buy the STG-44 with Aperture Sight off the wall for 800 points. Juggernog is located here. There is a door that leads to the pack a punch and there are two barriers. Luner Lander B is located here.

Upgrade Room 1500

Just a plain room with no barriers, a huge entrance, and a firetrap that covers the entrace. The firetrap, which costs 1250, protects you as you pack-a-punch. This room can only be opened when you do a puzzle and turn on the power. Also, the Pro Pill dispenser lies here. It upgrades all of the perks that are with you to pro perks for 5000.

Door B 1000

Leads you to an indoor office with a PPsh-41 with Extended Mags off the wall for 800 points. Speed Cola is also located here. There are two doors. One doors leads to a giant Outside part of the map, the other leads to the power room. A teleporter is also located here.

Outside 1250

A big area of the map, resembles the one in Asension. There are stairs that you can climb up. when you reach the top you will find 2 barriers, PhD flopper, Lander A, and Claymores for 1000 points. There 4 more barriers at the bottom and 4 spots where zombies come out of the ground. The bottom part contains the Makarov for 1200 points and the M16 fully auto for 1200 points. There is also a trap where the stairs become steeper so the zombies walk slower up the stairs. It costs 1000 points and lasts for 2 minutes. There is also a pool of icy water, cooled by Element 115, that is at the bottom of the stairs. The pool is as half as big as the one in Call of the Dead(spawn).

Power Room 1250

An indoor office resembling Five's starter room but more "Russian" like. The power switch is here and this is where the box always spawns. There are 2 barriers, a teleporter, a door, and an elevator. The FAMAS is located here for 1300 points. The FG42 is also located here for 1400 points.

Lab 250(Elevator)

The lab is a story below the power room, here the teleporter switch is located. Also a bunch of box spots. There are 8 teleporters and barriers in total. Gas zombies live here. A bunch of blood is scattered across the walls saying BEWARE OF GIANT. You can buy a bowie knife or sickle off the wall for 2500 points and a Dragunov with ACOG for 900 points. There is also an outdoor part where Lander C is located. There is also a door that leads to a chemical room. This room is like the labrotory of Five, but with all the doors opened, a recolorization, Nova 6 tanks scattered, and a bunch of hammer and sickled covered in blood.

Chemical Room 750

It's in the middle of the lab. It's about the size of Kino's spawn(slightly resembles it) and it's two stories, any time gas zombies enter, they die. There is also a trap where chemicals flood the 1st story. It has 4 barriers The entrace of this room is the size of the industrial elevator in five. The trap costs 1500 points. There is a door in the 2nd story where it leads to the "big loop."

Big Loop 1250

A great place for juking out zombies. The width is two times bigger than the industrial elevator, and the legnth stretches out from the spawn and to the chemical room, or vice versa. There are about 6 barriers in this pathway/hallway and the Spectre(1000) is located on the Spawn side, and the MP40(1000) on the Chemical Room side. The pathway from birds eye view looks like an oversized vent tube but in an oval-like shape.


Mystery Box

  • CZ75 (Dual Wield Only)
  • Python
  • Stoner 63
  • SPAS-12
  • AUG (Swarovski Scope)
  • Galil
  • L96A1
  • China Lake
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Crossbow
  • PM63
  • AK-47
  • Model 1887
  • HK21
  • M60
  • RPK
  • MG42
  • Monkey Bomb
  • Gersch Device
  • Winter's Howl
  • Scavenger
  • Matryoshka Doll
  • Uzi
  • 31-79 JGb215
  • Makarov

Off the Wall

  • FN FAL(500)
  • Stakeout(500)
  • STG-44 w/Aperture Sight(800)
  • PPsh-41 w/Extended Mags(800)
  • Semtex(200)
  • AK-74u(900)
  • C4(1000)
  • Claymores(1000)
  • M16 Fully Automatic(1200)
  • FAMAS(1300)
  • FG42(1400)
  • Sickle/Bowie Knife(2500)
  • Dragunov w/Acog(900)
  • Spectre(1000)
  • MP40(1000)



Zombies take 6 hits to kill you.

Juggernog Pro

Your bleed out time is longer when your downed and you get to keep this perk when you even if you get downed.

Quick Revive(1500)

Faster reviving.

Quick Revive Pro

Faster Health regeneration, you get instantly revied when you get downed.

Speed Cola(3000)

Reload faster and run faster and longer.

Speed Cola Pro

ADS Faster and drink other perk-a-cola faster.

Double Tap Root Beer(2000)

Faster RoF.

Double Tap Root Beer Pro

Faster weapon swap/switch, slightly faster RoF than regular perk.

PhD Flopper(2000)

Dive to prone mini nuke explosion, immune to self made damage.

PhD Flopper Pro

When diving to prone, the splash damage and strength is like the pack-a-punched scavenger, also you don't have to dive-to-prone off of an elevated spot to trigger explosion.

Deadshot Daiquiri(1500)

It moves the auto-aim from the torso to the head, makes the reticle smaller, and removes the idle sway for everything.

Deadshot Daiquiri Pro

Less recoil, more tighter crosshairs, less flinch when attacked or when falling down, you're able to shoot when diving to prone.

New Weapon Stats


Damage: 160-100

Recoil: Moderate

RoF: 750 RPM

Ammo: 30/390


Damage: 240-200

Recoil: Moderate

RoF: 750 RPM

Ammo: 45/630

Special: Zaps zombies for 3 seconds, every second does 50 damage. Gains an ACOG scope, but it has normal recoil instead of the standard increase.


Damage: 130-110

Recoil: Below Moderate

RoF: Below Moderate

Ammo: 100/300


Damage: 240-200

Recoil: Below Moderate

RoF: Moderate

Ammo: 115/804

Special: GIBS A LOT, gains a grip and AK-47 red dot.

Model 1887

Damage: 250x10

Recoil: Like the SPAS-12, but slightly bigger.

RoF: Lever action.


Model 115

Damage: 400x10

Recoil: Like the Olympia.

RoF: 115 RPM, Lever action.

Ammo: 8/88

Special: Akimbo, reloads whole thing in 2 seconds, increased range.

Stoner 63

Damage: 155-120

Recoil: Medium

RoF: 938 RPM

Ammo: 60/360

420 Exhaler

Damage: 220-170(120 damage every 5 seconds for 30 seconds for the fire damage.)

Recoil: Medium

RoF: 938 RPM

Ammo: 120/720

Special: Increased hipfire accuracy. AK-47 Red dot sight. Weighs as much as a SMG. Gains a flamthrower attachment, it works similarly like the Pack-a-punched world at war flamethrower. The flamethrower has unlimited ammo, but it has a 5 second cooldown time.


Damage: 120-100

Recoil: Less than the M1911.

RoF:700 RPM(Single Shot)

Ammo: 10/100

Sovietski Armageddon

Damage: 1500-1000

Recoil: Low

RoF: 700 RPM

Ammo: 15/150

Special: 3 round burst grenade launcher.


Damage: 100-80

Recoil: High

RoF: 937

Ammo: 30/90

Mega Uzi

Damage: 230-190

Recoil: Medium-Low

RoF: 938

Ammo: 60/520

Soecial: Red dot sight, unlimited dual mags reload, grip, movement speed like a pistol, less muzzle flash.


Damage: Can one hit kill until round 25.

Ammo: 2

Mourning Ghost

Damage: Can one hit kill until round 40.

Ammo: 4

Special: It releases the spirits from the undead from each explosion. It's explosion radius is also increased by 70%. When it kills a Shrieker Zombie, it's Shriek Explosion is more powerful and if it kills a Napalm Zombie, the leftover flames last twice as long and do more damage. Recovers 2 Mourning Ghosts per round.


Damage: Can one hit kill until round 20.

Ammo: 3


Damage: Can one hit kill until round 35.

Ammo: 6

Special: Can throw as far as a frag grenade. It can bounce off of zombies and damage other ones if pegged. It's explosion radius is as big as the Scavenger's. It recovers e C420-115's per round.

Boss Round

The screen turns green with a slight blur when the round starts. He appears as a giant muscular zombie with a wrench, about the height of George. He is "The Giant". He is like the Pentagon Theif but slower, same heath though. When he spawns electricity starts coming from the ground, starts making a tornado, and he just emerges from the tornado. He appears every 3-7 rounds. He drops a Max Ammo, Fire Sale, and a Random Perk Bottle if you kill him in under 5 minutes. If you kill him over 5 minutes, he will drop Max Ammo and a Fire Sale. When his health is low, his wrench will blink red, his speed also gets faster.


  • Wunderwaffe Projectile: Kills instantly, fires 3 projectiles, 2 hits with Juggernog to get downed, 3 with PhD and Juggernog. Disables wonder weapons for 10 seconds.
  • Wrench Swing: Like a zombie hit but slows you down.
  • Hellhound Spawn: Spawns 1-4 hellhounds to get the player(s).
  • Nova Gas Atmosphere: Slightly blurs vision and makes you slower.

Trivia/Easter Eggs

  • This map is a mix of all zombie maps.
  • The Giant's health varies on what weapons you have if you have pack-a-punched weapons, his health still varies from the un-upgraded kind.
  • The WunderbarWaffe, Chimera's Breath, Gersch Device, and Monkey Bomb don't work on The Giant.
  • If you find 4 wrenches on the map and press X on them, it will play all the songs from all zombie maps and loop them. You can turn the songs off by pressing X on a random wrench, you can turn it back on if you press X on the wrench you used to turn the music off.
  1. In the spawn.
  2. In the Upgrade room.
  3. Somewhere in the Big Loop.
  4. Outside next to the PhD flopper.
  • The characters all have new outfits and use all the quotes from previous zombie maps.
  • This is a fan-made map.
  • The AK-47 has the same chance of obtainment percent from the box as an HK-21, same with the M60.
  • If a Monkey Bomb explodes at the same time a Gersch Device ends, a "dark nuke" goes off where black fire remains on the map for 2 minutes right after the explosion. It damages the zombies serverly.


Pro Pill.


Pro Pill, the pro perk machine!

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