When you get these weapons you can hear the first 1.5 seconds of the Black Ops spawn theme really faintly.

Ion Ray

It is a new wonder weapon I made up(re-colorized Ray Gun). It's stronger than the Ray Gun. It does 2000 damage non Pack-a-punched and 3000
PMG 655px-Raygunprofile

The Ion Ray

damage when Pack-a-punched. Ammo is 30/190 and it's PAP ammo is 60/380. It shoots out Blue Blasts. When Pack-a-punched it shoots out White Blasts. More of a chance to get it than the thundergun, less of a chance to get it than the raygun. When Pack-a-punched it is renamed the 115 Ion Reactor. The sound of this wepon firing is a shortened, more high pitched version of the Wunderwaffe firing sound. The splash damage for this weapon is 1000-800. The splash is shorter than the Ray Gun's. The reload sounds like the Thunder Gun.


115 Ion Reactor

To reload, open the barrel, twist out the ammo, then twist in the new ammo, and then close the barrel. It takes 1.15 seconds to reload. It's mobility is in between an Assault Rifle and a SMG. It also has random recticles.

It's reticle is also the balistic knife reticle.


The more updated version of the Wunderwaffe. A pilot version of the Project Waffe of the Rebirth Nova Group. It


is a really strong weapon and the odds of getting it from the box are lesser than the Ion Ray, but more than the Thunder Gun. It shoots out a Telsa Coil that can kill up to 8-12 zombies, the electricity emited from the telsa coil can pass onto other zombies killing them in 7 seconds. The ammo for this weapon is 3/18. It's reload time is 3 seconds. It makes the same sounds as the Wunderwaffe DG-2. When Pack-a-Punched, it is renamed the


WunderbarNovaWaffe it can kill the same amount, but for every 2 zombies killed, the blast(s) emit Nova Gas which kill all zombies within the radius of the gas in 5 seconds. Zombies have a 15% chance of surviving the gas, but those are mostly gas crawlers. The radius for the Nova Gas is about the same as the Ray Gun blast radius but a tiny bit bigger. When Pack-a-Punched, the reload time is decreased to 2 seconds. The Pack-a-punched ammo is 6/42 The overall weight of this weapon is as heavy as an assault rifle. The reticle is a plus with a hollow circle in the middle of the plus.*Requested from XDEATHMAN4aP90x*

Hazard Blade

A huge step up from the ballistic knife. There are two knives that can shoot out knives(lol). To shoots press LT

Hazard Blade

or RT. Those knives do 1000 damage. It's ammo is 2/6. It can also "dissolve/devour" zombies by knifing and it's knife damage is equal to the Bowie Knife. The "dissolving" does 100 damage per 5 seconds until the zombie dies. The P-A-P version, Hazardous Shank has an ammo of 2/12. It knife damage is 3000 and it's knifing lunge is increased and dissolving damage is increased to 150 per 3 seconds. When Pack-a-Punched You can knife/knife shoot your teammates to give them a Hazard knife for 50 seconds with adds 100 damage to their regular knife and it can "dissolve" other zombies for 70 damage per 5 seconds until the zombies die.

Hazardous Shank

Chimera's Breath

Shoots acid containing vials that create a nova gas-like acid cloud (lasting as long) that acts like an

Chimera's Breath

electroshock trap. It has 4 in the mag, 20 spare. If you shoot a vial after one trap is still active, the new trap's time is the former's halved (ex: 1st shot = 60 secs, right? 2nd Shot with 1st still active active = 30 secs; 3rd shot with 2nd still active = 15 secs; 4th shot with 3rd still active = 7 and 1/2 secs), and the impact of the vial's explosion can kill zombies, too.

Chimera's Roar(I like to call is Chimera's Blood because of the red gas.)

When pack-a-punched, it becomes the Chimera's Roar, which turns its cloud red, gives it a bit more mag size (5/25) extends some trap time (1st = 1 min 40 secs; 2nd w/1st actv. = 50 secs; 3rd w/ 2nd actv. = 25 secs; 4th w/ 3rd actv. 12 and 1/2 secs; 5th w/ 4th actv. = 6 secs 25 ms), and will now allow anyone on the team (except the user of the weapon) to walk safely through the cloud (which makes it a door through hordes ^_^ <----Gotta love that emoticon). The Green Tubes are full of the "Electroshock Gas". The bullets are like green noobtubes(red if P-a-P), but about 5x larger. The crosshairs are a like Grenade Launcher corsshairs but instead of the + there is a circle.*REQUESTED FROM Richto-San*

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