Spetsi-Cola, the ultimate Perk-a-Cola. Get it while it's cold.


Pun on Pepsi Cola. It makes the player jump 10% higher, ADS faster, switch weapons faster, knife 10% faster and stronger adds 100 damage to knifing, evade SOME zombies attacks, and makes weapons 10% stronger. It costs 3500. It tastes like sweet Vodka. The side effect is that it will add a slight idle sway to your weapons that you get. It's usually really far away from the spawn.

Biohazard Syrum

A syrum that infects you with radiation. Turns your character and screen a

Biohazard syrum. *May cause brain damage.*

little green if you have it equipped. When you touch a zombie or shoot it, it suffers radiation sickness. It damages the zombie's health by 100 for every 5 second for 30 seconds. It also makes the PhD flopper splash damage infused with radiation. Knife damage is also increased by 50. It infuses bullets do but their effects are 50% weaker than touching/knifing. The cost of this perk is 2500.

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