Max Ammo Plus

When you get this, it instantly reloads and restores your ammo. When a player is downed, when the player is revived he/she will have his/her ammo replenished. Appears less than Max Ammo. It's "glow" is blue.

Bouncy Bullets

Bullets bounce off everything 3-5 times creating extra damage to any zombie it hits. Has a 5% chance of downing you. The icon is bullets(like the death machine) with a green glow.


Sets off a nuke and repairs all barriers, you/your whole team get 600 points after it sets off. Appears in "tight" situations. Blue "glow". The icon is an exclimation point.


Revives all players and regenerates all of the player's health. You gain 100 points from this power up. The icon of this power up is a plus, with a green glow.


Similar to the teddy bear from dead ops, instead it keeps zombies away from you for 20 seconds. The radius of the "shield" is like the PhD flopper explosion radius. It can protect other players too. It has a 5% chance of zombies breaking through it. It increases by 2% every 10 rounds. The icon is a circle with a line through it, the glow is green.

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