I am sick of the people that complain about this game and any game that a noob just killed them. Why? Are they so godly @ this game that nobody possesses the skills to kill them fairly? This blog is for your thoughts, comments, concerns, or complaints about complainers. Complaining about complainers is kind of redundent. Wouldn't you agree? I will admit that akimbo shotguns, Desert Eagles, and .44 Magnums is really stupid but who cares. They were put in this game for balancing purposes. Honestly if you use any akimbo weapon you're honestly insane. I love this game most of the time. I love it when someone tries to come up and "own" me with his knife, or models, and all he does is run into my claymore and blow up. That is why I always have Scaenger Pro as my Tier 1 perk, so I can always have a Claymore when my other 2 are blown up. I remember one match I killed the same guy with a Claymore in the same exact spot 6 times in a row before he has the common sense to go the other way. He did that and met my other claymore. I put Claymore on top or dumpsters, inside cardboard boxes, inside luggage, on top of whatever. I feel they get more kills at an elevated position then being planted on the ground. I also hate how people get mad @ knife monkies, why do you? Just camp against them and shoot them with a shottie. All in all what I want to say is stop complaining and play the damn game.

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