My clan has been growing by the numbers the past couple of weeks, alarmingly. I am about to filter the bad players from the good ones, and then the good ones from the great ones. I will have one major Clan, with 3 Sub-Clans. That is how the ranking will go, and depending on what Game Type they will play. My clan right now is called Zombies with Machine Guns aka ZwMg. I am going to be filtering through my roster and dividing them up into 3 "Sub-Clans." This means, there is room for additional players that are interested in joining. The 2 other clans will be different names, but still part of the ZwMg's. The best players will be part of CODE, Call of Duty's Elite, the good players will be in a clan nut the name to be determined by them. If this does not workout, the best players, and good players will be higher ranked then normal when people first start out in the Clan.** Era of Anarchy ** 15:30, April 16, 2010 (UTC)EoA

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