I have been asking myself this question for the longest time since COD4MW. I am just sick and tired of people complaining that they keep dying from an enemy air support. I just have a few things to say to these people. STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING AND SHOOT THE FUCKER OUT OF THE SKY!!!! HOW HARD IS IT TO WORK AS A TEAM TO SHOOT ANYTHING DOWN?!! If your team is too sucky or stupid to shoot it down then do it yourself. This will eliminate any problems you are having with their air support. Harriers, Pave Lows, Chopper Gunners, and AC130H's are hard to shoot down for a reason. The player had to work hard to get the amount of kills to get to call them in. Why can't the player be rewarded by a few easy kills? Just be thankful these things are not as hard to shoot down as they are in real life. Any thoughts from you knowledgeable players out there. I want no "NOOBS" complaining in this blog, but I am sure you will anywho, LOL!!!!

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