First off I want to say that I like very many of you waited long and hard for this game, what she said. I got it at the midnight release and was very anxious to play this amazing game. Let's just say this game over exceeded my expectations. The Campaign was a bit short but I did not come here for that. I did like the story line of the campaign though. It is very well thought out and a very good sequel to the previous COD. I also love the way they had the player on their toes at most part of the campaign. The way they left the ending open for another Modern Warfare to be developed was amazing as well.

Special Ops is a new add on to Call of Duty. It is similar to Halo3 ODST firefight and Gears of War 2 Horde mode. I really am not much of a fan of this game type. Sure it is fun when you and a friend are getting drunk of your asses and want to chill back and shoot some Sand Monkies for some entertainment. If i has to pick my favorite Spec Ops mission it would be the Stealth Sniper Missions.

Multiplayer is the biggest reason people around the world have bought so mand Call of Duty titles, sorry for the ones that have been suckered in to buying one made by Treyarch, lol. Call of Duty multiplayer in Modern Warfare is by far the most superior shooter of all time, and if you disagree you are a Halo jumping FAGGOT. I was originally going to go thru all the MP maps, guns, perks, callsigns, emblems, tactics, and leveling up, but I really see no need to. This site has the most detailed information on CODMW2 on the web. All I can say is WOW to this game and I cannot fathom of them making another MW  that could possibly be better then this one but you know IW will find a way.

I am sick of people boosting to get titles and challenges and Nukes. Like come on already!!!! Get a fucking life and do it the old fashioned way. I know complaining about akimbo shotguns and marathon and light weight and commando is not going to get thru to anyone it'll just make them want to kill you more. Just noobtube the fuckers.

I do have a solution to some of the perks and a way IW could patch them to make this game more realistic. Commando should not have you lunge at someone. Instead you should be yielding a different melee weapon that makes it possible to kill from a greater distance then a knife, IG: a spear or a sword or something. Marathon is pretty cheap. Who do you know that can run in full combat gear without ever being tired. The answer to that question is obviously nobody. When you shoot those fucking speed demons with Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando they don't slow down from the bullets you are pumping into their supposed to be existant carcass in front of you but no they are cheaply able to knife you. IW please patch these things to satisfy us players who want a fair fight.

Lastly I want to know if anyone here is interested in joining my clan Zombies with Machine Guns. If so contact me here or on Xbox Live, Gamertag Era of Anarchy.


Russell Schaner, USAF

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