I know this is off topic, but who cares? I would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone on here who has been a big help to me. Your advice and view on COD has helped me to evolve my game up a notch. That is not good for the opposing team, but very good for my Zombie Horde. I am the Alpha Infected Zombie of my clan on XBL, Zombies with Machine Guns clan tag [ZwMg]. I also want to say I have had very interesting conversations, and debates on here. This site is very good to help any COD player advance there game level. It allows you to read up on anything in a COD game. You can also make new friends, like I have, and be a part of a community of intellectual people who know what they are talking about. Of course there are those people who complain about NOOBS, camping, noob tubes, akimbo guns, knife monkies, and whatever else that kills them. FUCK those people.

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