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New Black Ops Bug(PS3)

Erickbotas December 24, 2010 User blog:Erickbotas

Well i dont know if this is new or not,so here it goes what happened to me:It was a normal day of playing black ops,i just have finished playing in kino der toten,then when i looked at the zombie maps FIVE wasnt avaible it was classified so i was like WTF?,so i just go to day i tried to play victor charlie and ALL singleplayer mission were classified,except Op 40.then i rushed here to make this Bug blog so i just but just a treyarch staff menber gets to take a look at here he may see this and maybe fix this in the nexto patch so this doesnt happen to fellow players anymore.Also sorry of any grammar error i may got here i just that in not perfect in grammar and even less english grammar.This happened on PS3.

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