Hey everyone, I just made this blog post for a gametype my friends (and me partially) created for Call of Duty: World at War. We're trying to get it (somewhat) popular among the CoD community, similar to the well known gametypes, "Mike Myers" and "Cops and Robbers."

The Game

The game is called (If anyone is offended by this, which some of you will, I'm sorry, I didn't come up with the name) "Communist Tank" and is played on maps with tanks (which only Red Army and Wehrmacht maps have, hence the "Communist" part in the game name).

Players should have a decent amount of people in the lobby, around 4-8. A small lobby isn't the best...

The gametype will have to be played on Search and Destroy, and the round limit will have to be set to its maximum (8 rounds). Also, have no round time limit, to make each round last until either the tank or everyone dies. Whoever reaches 8 first will win, and like in Cops and Robbers, the bomb is not to be planted.

The game can be played on any map featuring tanks, and once the host starts the game, everyone will have to say "not me/it" to see who will be the tank. Quite obviously, the last person that says "Not me/it" will be the tank.

If the tank kills each player, the tank will remain the same person next round, and so on until they are killed.


Players that aren't the tank

  • Can only have Bolt-Action Rifles or the Gewehr 43. Can also use grenades (regular and sticky alike), but not grenade launchers.
  • Basically, everything else can be used and no other weapons than the ones stated above can be used.
  • The player that kills the tank will be the tank next round.


  • Cannot get out of the tank (however, there are exceptions);
  • Only when there is one player left (tank driver doesn't have to get out though).
  • Cannot get out of the tank for a new tank.
  • Cannot use the turret if the player doesn't have Coaxial Machine Gun.

So... yeah.

If anyone tries this, feedback would be nice :)

Happy editing,

JerryWiffleWaffle 14:42, September 17, 2011 (UTC)

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