Even though this will never happen while CoD exists, I have a new zombies idea, but not for BO. It's for Modern Warfare 2 (yes, I like MW2). Details below:

  • The Setting will take place at Makarov's Estate. The players will also have access to the other two buildings in the map, but not the boathouse.
  • The Characters will be different, but I may change them
  • The zombies would be a mix of Makarov's mercenaries to US Army Rangers. The zombies will be from every faction in-game, which sounds unrealistic, but this will NEVER EVER happen.
  • Every weapon in-game will be featured. I don't feel like putting any off the wall guns (yes, I'm lazy as well)
  • There will be all of the same perks from BO and WaW, but there will be a new one. This I mentioned in Jar teh Marksman's Map Pack Idea blog with the Steady Aim perk. The perk will be based off of Steady Aim and its name will be Kool-Aim, which is based off of Kool-Aid (thanks whoever gave me that suggestion in the other blog). (Deadshot Daiquiri replaces this in CotD)
    • But I have a new perk: Strong-Man Soda - Disorientation from explosives are lowered greatly and the player doesn't flinch as much when hit by zombies.
  • Vehicles can also be used. A self powered technical will run around the map, if the player gets into its turret. It will last abut 45 seconds to 1 minnute. The Zipline will also return, players can zipline from the house to the first garage.
  • The power switch is at a power station (added in this map, not in actual map) near the boat house. The Power Switch will be there along with where the Mystery Box spawns first in each map.
  • The Mystery Box will only have five locations. The house, the in the garden behind the house, in one of the garages, in the other garage, and at the power station. All weapons are available.
  • Dogs will be replaced by Juggernaut zombes. which will just be the same as the Dog, but with a new skin.
  • NEW UTLITY!!! - A Perk and grenade upgrading machine called the Slot-r Machine. Other info can be seen here.

Some quotes


"Power's not on... Damn, where's Allen when I need him?!"
— Beginning of the game
"Now this is one badass gun!!"
— After receiving the .44 Magnum out of the Box


"I swear, that one looked like Lev!"
— After killing a zombie with the No Russian attire.
"I wish the media was here! Look at how many zombies I'm killing!"
— After getting a multi-kill or randomly


"Where's Nikolai and his Pavelow?! We need to be extracted!"
— After all zombies in the starting room break through their barriers
"Price would be proud."
— Randomly


"Ugh... Tastes like my sister's cooking; terrible..."
— After drinking Quick Revive
"Anyone smell that? Or is it just Captain MacTavish smoking again?"
— After being disorientated by an explosion

So yeah, just tell me what you think.

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