I know that this is totally unnecessary, but I want to know what you people think about the new game. Is it fun, interesting? To me, Black Ops is Godlike. The gameplay is amazing and everything else just makes the game great. If you haven't tried Combat Training, you should. It's actually a great option for things like testing new weapons or just training yourself. I also like how you can have two players on the same console, like Halo.

Though there are some downsides to the game. One, I actually think that the details on some of the weapons are a bit dull. I mean, in some dark areas, some weapons may just look like shapes. Two, I think that the FAMAS will be the Black Ops version of the UMP45 or ACR. It has moderate recoil and kills very easily, unlike some of the weapons.

I just want to know what you think. That's all.

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