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  • EviHard

    Leaving the wiki

    September 8, 2012 by EviHard

    This was a mistake. I realized that it isn't just the game that matters. It's the community. I know that what i did was foolish and i rushed too much. Sure, I don't edit in the mainspace that much, but i like it here. I'll stay.

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  • EviHard

    A story

    February 25, 2012 by EviHard

    Hiya gois, i'm just gonna write some story that i made up. It's like a tale of a special forces team that crashed and their adventures as scavanges. I don't really know the name, so i'm just gonna write the story. the story starts now:

    In the year of 2034, the world is torn apart by war, economic crisis and bankruptcy. Global wars spread havoc and fear across the globe. a U.S Special forces team, 64th Special Operations "Wolfer" squad is on a mission to retrieve a Czervenian (made up country from Americas Army 3) insider that works for the U.S goverment. the rescue squad made up of 4 men: Sgt. Kevin Letho, Cpl. Reeno Klitzberg, 2nd Lt. Carl Rankson, and squad leader, Captain Joe Gordon. They were sent by a Pave Low behind enemy lines to int…

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  • EviHard

    100th Edit

    January 21, 2012 by EviHard
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  • EviHard

    Hi guys

    January 2, 2012 by EviHard

    I am a noob here and am a CoD flip out... So i will help the wiki in my knowledge and of course, their talk pages. So by now i want to be active on this wiki and pretty much yea, so troll if ya want, i dont give a crabcake, oh and yea HI!

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