Hiya gois, i'm just gonna write some story that i made up. It's like a tale of a special forces team that crashed and their adventures as scavanges. I don't really know the name, so i'm just gonna write the story. the story starts now:

In the year of 2034, the world is torn apart by war, economic crisis and bankruptcy. Global wars spread havoc and fear across the globe. a U.S Special forces team, 64th Special Operations "Wolfer" squad is on a mission to retrieve a Czervenian (made up country from Americas Army 3) insider that works for the U.S goverment. the rescue squad made up of 4 men: Sgt. Kevin Letho, Cpl. Reeno Klitzberg, 2nd Lt. Carl Rankson, and squad leader, Captain Joe Gordon. They were sent by a Pave Low behind enemy lines to intercept enemy forces holding the insider hostage. The Pave Low was sawn by radar and was shot down by a SAM. The rescue squad made it, with scratches and bruises, they were 60 km away from the rescue point. They were blinded by the darkness of the night, tired from miles of walking, and only saw shelter in the snowy caves of Czervenian woods. Killing bears with their guns, hunting foxes with their knives, walking miles to get to the house where the insider is held hostage. When they reached after 12 days of walking, they got into the enemy base to save the hostage. The op was saw as going to doom, but it was saved. The securing part was going smoothly up until they were saw by a High ranking Czervenian officer, the officer raised the alaram faster than the squad can shoot him, the whole op was at risk. 2 were assigned to lead the hostage and other 2 provide support. Sgt. Letho was shot in the pelvis, and is slowly dying. The squad done their best to save Letho's life, but it was no use. He had died. and now, the squad, angered with their fellow soldier's death, were enraged and shot every Czervenian soldier in sight. They ran away with Czervenian transport, securing the hostage. After the vital Operation, the 3 remaning men of the rescue force were given the Medal of Honor and a Silver Star for their heroic and desperate actions done in the operation.

So there is my tale. Hope you guys liked it!

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