Sledgehammer's installment of zombies seems to be based mostly on running around the map and killing zombies on your way there. Previously, in Treyarch's games, zombies used to run at the speed of which you walked. Now, zombies match your speed while sprinting and boosting with an exosuit on later rounds. Given the CQC style of the map, I find this to be utterly terrifying. As such, this is a guide to prevent this style of gameplay.

(This isn't in any particular order.)

Location 1: Administration

Recommended Players: 2+ 

To get to this area, simply open up the Main Hub and go down the Administration hallway. Then, proceed into Administration and hold off near the Decontamination Zone. This is useful until about wave 10-15 with the recommended amount of players.



  • Not much room to move around
  • Easy to get swarmed on later waves

Location 2: Main Hub

Recommended Players: 3~

This location is mainly recommended due to its wide area to run around in, in the case that you get overrun. The easiest way to get here is to open up the Administration area, go down the hallway, and open up the Main Hub from there. (HOWEVER, I strongly advise not going this way, as the zombies will take more time to reach you if you go through the Exo Room instead.) Then, you proceed to where you'd open up the Main Hub from the start, and hold off in the alcove in front of the door. Effective until about wave 20 with the recommended amount of players.


  • AMR9 ammo nearby
  • 3D Printer location nearby
  • Lots of time to react before zombies reach you
  • You can kite around the center if you get overrun


  • Tremendous amounts of zombies coming at all angles
  • Those motherfuckers drop out of the sky

Location 3: Exo Testing

Recommended Players: 2+

Let me explain something first. Zombies are designed to come out of the barriers closest to you. It wouldn't make much sense for a zombie to spawn across the map when all the players are located in one room. Using this logic, you can camp in this small room located down the stairwell near the Exo Testing room. It has one barrier in it and a small staircase, so all the zombies are really directed at one point. The best place to go in this room is on the bench in the corner, where you have a wide view of the whole room. To get here, go through either the Main Hub or through Administration. If you go through the Main Hub, though, take the Administration Hallway to the Morgue, where you must then proceed to the Exo Room. Once there, grab an exosuit while you're at it, and proceed to the western corner of the room, where there's a staircase leading down into the area. With the recommended amount of players, it's effective until about wave 15.


  • ARX-160 ammo nearby
  • The door to escape is easy to access in case you need it
  • One barrier to cover, the rest come down stairs


  • Easy to get overrun
  • Once Hosts come, you're indubitably fucked.

Location 4: Main Hub

Recommended Players: 2~

I was skeptical about adding this at first, because it's more of a glitch than an actual camping spot. Basically, in the Main Hub, you can get to the top of that cylindrical looking structure. On top of it are computers. If you jump on these and go to center, then scoot to the very edge without falling off, the zombies won't be able to hit you. You can use whatever path you like to get here, just be wary that if you open up the Main Hub, you'll have zombies coming up from behind you. If they have exosuits and you're not in the exact correct spot, there's a possibility they can jump up and kill you. This ultimately led to my demise on round 39.


  • Nearly invincible, only way to die is user error
  • AMR9 ammo nearby
  • 3D printer location nearby
  • IMR. 'nuff said


  • Ammo is an issue. (see above tho)
  • Dogs might be able to hit you
  • Them damn zombies are so strong circa 30+ (consider explosives)

Alright, thanks for reading. I hope you find this useful; they certainly helped me for a bit. I played solo the whole time, the recommended players is just an estimate. Tell me what you think about these locations? :D

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