Cordis Die

Cordis Die was a social political movement officially founded in June 2014, whose stated goal was the destabilization and disablement of capitalist governments around the word. Their primary target was the United States of America.

They gained popular support early in their career by focusing on regimes considered to be dictatorial or oppressive, such as Iran and North Korea, before turning to a more 'militant' agenda.

The group's early popularity owed much to the mystique of their charismatic leader, initially known only by the screen name of "Odysseus" or "Ulysses". "Ulysses" would turn out to be the nom-de-plume of Raul Menendez, a notorious narco-terrorist with alleged CIA links. 

While growing the influence of the public face of Cordis Die, Menendez used his immense personal wealth to build a private, technologically advanced private army as well placing sympathetic agents in key positions around the world, including high ranking governmental positions, Intelligence Organizations and commanders of Special Forces.

After Menendez was publicly revealed as the face of the organization following an audacious cyber-attack on the United States' aerial drone fleet and subsequent attack on Los Angeles, which was hosting a meeting of the G20 World Leaders, Cordis Die was officially branded a terrorist organization by the international community.

On June 19th 2025, Raul Menendez was shot and killed while attempting to escape from a Cordis Die military facility, dressed as a US Soldier. 

While his death provoked outrage amongst the Cordis Die faithful, his death was viewed by the more militant members of the group as a cowardly one, rather than as that of a true martyr to the cause.  Waves of arrests would follow, and without their charismatic leader to bind them all together, the group's membership would fracture and drift away.

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