Raul Menendez

Raul Video BOII

Raul Menendez, Cordis Die Address June 2025

Raul Menendez was variously the head of a narcotics empire, a political activist and international terrorist leader. Born on September 5th 1963, Menendez would experience the brutality of the Nicaraguan revolution first hand; he would learn to hate the West witnessing the violence perpetrated on his countrymen by the American backed Contras. He and his sister Josefina would suffer terrible disfigurement as a result of a warehouse fire in 1973.

Throughout his teens he would work with his father's feared and hated Menendez Cartel, amassing vast personal wealth through the traffic of narcotics and arms.

In 1986 he would escape assassination during a joint CIA and Panamanian Defense Forces operation targeting his family's mansion. Josefina Menendez would lose her life in this raid.

Little is publically known of Menendez' life over the next 30 years, although given the events that were to follow, it isn't unreasonable to surmise that he was operating a drug and arms trade empire in the shadows, amassing wealth and influence to facilitate what was to come.

In 2014, a social movement calling itself Cordis Die would begin to make its presence felt. Initially leveraging the prevailing feelings of social and financial global inequality the group, headed by a mysterious and charismatic leader calling himself variously "Odysseus" or "Ulysses" would claim a "membership of billions", although in all likelihood the actual number was several orders of magnitude lower.

In 2021 Cordis Die cyber-terrorists conducted a massive attack on the Chinese Stock Market, paralyzing it and plunging the world financial markets into chaos. In the wake of the attacks, Menendez would reveal himself to be "Odysseus", uploading video to internet claiming that the US was behind the attacks, ratcheting up international tensions between the two super-powers.

Despite being designated a terrorist organization, Cordis Die would continue to be able to operate effectively. In 2025 they would launch an all-out military assault on Los Angeles with the intention of taking out the assembled world leaders of the G20 nations by gaining control of the US aerial drone fleet.

It would emerge that over the preceding decade Menendez had been a significant investor in the Tacitus Corporation, a now defunct defense contractor dismantled by the 2026 Drone Defense Act. Menendez had used his influence to ensure that there were back doors built into the drone's control systems that allowed his followers to gain full control over the system.

Following what amounted to an act of war against a sovereign state, Menendez was killed by US Special Forces while trying to escape from a Cordis Die military facility disguised as a US Soldier on June 19th 2025.

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