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FMSodsd3 March 13, 2010 User blog:FMSodsd3

First u and one of ur friends find a 3rd person cage match other one must join ur session, one class must be the L86 LSW ( light machine gun) , tactical insersion , perks have to be : 1st : sleight of hand pro, cold blooded or if u dont have then jsut cold blooded the 3rd perk can be anything, wen u join the match let ur friend kill u 9 times to get the pave low wen he calls it in u keep shooting it with the L86 2 and a half times wen u do that reload and then keep wasting half of ur clip and reloading wen it says its destruoyed u keep shooting at it untill it blows up :P u do this as many times untill u get it its very quick plz comment and if u have 360 add me : FMSodsd3

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